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together energy

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Voltello AirFlex

Smart Aircon Controller

The Voltello AirFlex is an IR based smart thermostat for split system air conditioning. The AirFlex is designed for demand response events or Airconditioner automation in line with energy tariffs such as Time-of-Use or dynamic tariffs. With Voltello AirFlex, customers can benefit from optimised energy usage, save on costs, and potentially earn during specific demand flexibility events. AirFlex ensures both convenience and energy efficiency. 

Voltello AirFlex Specifications

Voltello Link Pro.png

Voltello LinkPro

Home Energy Management Gateway

The Voltello LinkPro is a home energy management gateway for solar and battery optimisation with time-of-use or dynamic energy tariffs. The LinkPro integrates with inverters, batteries and consumption meters using Modbus-TCP and utility meters using Zigbee smart energy. It enables high-resolution energy, power and power quality data, up to 1 second from connected assets for local decision making and control. ​

Voltello LinkPro Specifications

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